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For every class/event, the pottery making process from start to finish happens in a few steps. 
1. One hour session at your scheduled appointment time.
2. Come back to paint/glaze your pottery (generally two weeks after class). No appointment is needed for this part. This is included in the class price. 
3. Final pickup (generally two weeks after you glaze). All pieces are microwave, dishwasher and food safe. 

Intro Class

Cost: $60
What you learn: This one-hour class introduces you to wheel thrown pottery
When we meet: One time; days and hour options are available
What you make: Mug, vase, or bowl; includes glazing and kiln firing
Requirements: Must be at least 16 years old or taking this class with a guardian

Pottery Class Package - Membership Class​

Cost: $250
Book the Intro Class in a Bundle of 4 classes and Save $$
What you learn: Pottery basics including how to throw on the wheel, hand building, safety guidelines, and how to use the makerspace
When we meet: 4, one hour sessions that run consecutively each month on either a Sunday at 1p or Monday at 5p (two options to best meet your availability).
Week 1 (First Sunday & Monday of each month)-
Throwing Fundamentals
Week 2 (Second Sunday & Monday of each month)-
Trimming and Finishing Pots
Week 3 (Third Sunday & Monday of each month)-
Handles and Attachments
Week 4 (Fourth Sunday & Monday of each month)-
What you make: varies
What you get: 
  • 1-month Membership (valued at $50)
  •  25 lbs. of clay (valued at $40)
  •  4 hours of class time (valued at $200)
  • Includes glazing and kiln firing(s)
Requirements: Must be at least 16 years old.

When you select "book now" for this class package, it will take you to the appointment calendar. To purchase, you will select the month and day of the week that works best for you (either first Sunday at 1p or Monday at 5p). The classes run consecutively starting the first week of the month during the same day and time each week. Clay is redeemed at the studio during your first session.   

Kids Class

Cost: $50
What you learn: This is a project-based class where kids learn the basics of pottery
When we meet: One hour session on the pottery wheel (Friday or Saturday from 1pm-2pm)
What you make: mug, bowl, or vase; includes glazing and kiln firing
Requirements: Ages 5-15 years old 

Sip and Spin

Cost: $70
What you learn: Sip while you spin at the potter's wheel to make a functional pot that will be dishwasher and microwave safe.
When we meet: One time; 7pm-8pm
What you make: Mug, vase, or bowl; includes glazing and kiln firing
Requirements: Must be at least 21 years old.
This is a bring your own beverage (BYOB) event. 

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Studio Time

Studio time is designed to give you a chance to really learn how to make pottery, studio time gives you access to the potter’s wheels, slab roller, and the clay extruder. Classes are a great way to get a start but you need a chance to practice to really grow as a new potter. If you feel like you need more help you can always sign up for more classes as you see fit. Studio members who want to use their studio can book time to come in or just stop by and see if there are any classes running. You just buy the clay they need and follow some simple guidelines to help you get to a finished product!

Students have priority on the wheels. Wednesday and Thursdays Zebulon Pottery has no classes so all the equipment is open for studio time. Open studio time does not require an appointment but appointments are they only way to guarantee yourself wheel time.

Memberships to the studio
$50 per person a month
$65 per person with a plus 1 a month
$80 per immediate family unit

Firing outside clay:
We ask that you know exactly what kind of clay you used for your project. If you don’t know we will fire your project to cone 06. Studio only fires to cone 06 and cone 6, if you need a different firing temp please call the store for more information. Cost of fire depends on the size of the project.